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To start a Security Company, you will be required to invest a lot of cash and time into the business. Those who do make it are normally very successful. Be sure that you are an Entrepreneur who is serious about making a success before you consider this industry.

Types of Security Companies. You are defined by what you offer:

• Security services
• Security products
• A mix of security services and products.

To start a Security Service Company in South Africa you must setup a legitimate business, preferably with one or more business partners. Once done you have to register with the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA). This includes paying registration fees and writing an exam.

We also assist with PSIRA Grading for Individual Security Officers. To get Graded as an individual you will need to prepare for the Registration Tests at PSIRA and then follow PSIRA’s procedures. Our Partner is fully accredited with both PSIRA and SASSETA and can provide all courses for you. They can also do recruitment and criminal checks. Contact Us for more info.

Why Register with PSIRA?

We can register you with PSIRA. The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) is the Governing Body and Regulatory Authority for the private security industry. Should you wish to start a Security Company, it is mandatory that you are registered with PSIRA. We can assist you by facilitating the entire process – setting up the application; standing in the queues at PSIRA and ensuring that your Security Company is fully compliant for all Cleaning Tenders and Contracts. Once your Security Company is registered you can get listed at PSIRA and find some clients! Contact us for more info.

We assist with Individual and Business Registrations.
1. You must be Trained from Grades E-B
2. Fill in a Registration form for Individual Application.

1. Duly completed application form (PSIRA 1) 2(1)
2. Payment of prescribed amounts (attach proof) Payable Directly to PSiRA
3. Authenticated copy of first page of ID document.
4. Authenticated recent clear passport size photo of applicant.
5. Authenticated clear and complete set of applicant’s fingerprints.
6. Clearance certificate on criminal record status of applicant if answer to question 2 on the application form is “yes”
8. Authenticated proof of accredited training (At least grade E must have been captured on PSIRA system) \ RPL
Force clearance certificate in respect of ex-members of any official, military, security, police or intelligence force or service (if
9. the answer to question 3 on the application form is “yes”)
10. Completed exemption form in terms of Section 23(6) - merit form

Application for Business
1. All above must be Registered and on the PSiRA system.
2. Fill in Business Registration form.
A. Business CIPC
B. Copy of Directors PSiRA Certificate
C. SARS  Clearance and Good standing
D. Business plan
E. Directors CV
F. Business Letterhead.

Uniform Scetch 

We assist with full Registration and Training
Logo Design
Web Page and E-Mails

After Registration:
PSIRA and Labour/ccma dispute Assistance
Staff/Employee vetting and full Background Checks

Track your Status

We will send you your Application Forms. And keep you updated in your Registration process.

Business Applications can be done within a day should all your Documents be in order.

To Register your Business with PSiRA you must have a Register Busines with CIPC.

CIPC Registration
UIF Registration
CF Registration
SARS Registration
B-BBEEE Registration
CIDB Registration

Annual Financial Statements
Business Income Tax
VAT Returns

Another Happy Client
Another Happy Client

Another Successful Company Registration 

Terry J Security Services
Terry J Security Services

We Successfully Registered Johede t/a Terry J Security Services. 

Another Successful Company Registered

We Successful Registered Bunu Holdings T/A GAD Security
We Successful Registered Bunu Holdings T/A GAD Security

We Successfully Registered the above mentioned Company

Rodney van Rensburg