Criminal Case Investigation 

Criminal Investigations & Information Gathering
Criminal Investigations & Information Gathering

Below you can find a list of Criminal Crimes.

*Aggravated Assault
*Insurance Fraud
*Aiding and Abetting / Accessory
*Manslaughter: Involuntary
*Assault / Battery
*Manslaughter: Voluntary
*Medical Marijuana
*MIP: A Minor in Possession
*Money Laundering
*Child Abandonment
*Murder: First-degree
*Child Abuse
*Murder: Second-degree
*Child Pornography
*Open Container (of alcohol)
*Computer Crime
*Probation Violation
*Credit / Debit Card Fraud
*Criminal Contempt of Court
*Public Intoxication
*Pyramid Schemes
*Disorderly Conduct
*Racketeering / RICO
*Disturbing the Peace
*Domestic Violence
*Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation
*Securities Fraud
*Drug Possession
*Sexual Assault
*Drug Trafficking / Distribution
*Statutory Rape
*Tax Evasion / Fraud
*Telemarketing Fraud
*Hate Crimes
*White Collar Crimes
*Identity Theft
*Wire Fraud
*Indecent  Exposure
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