Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency

Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency


Criminal Case Investigation 

Below you can find a list of Criminal Crimes.

Its all about the Missing Puzzle

Its all about the Missing Puzzle

*Aggravated Assault
*Insurance Fraud
*Aiding and Abetting / Accessory
*Manslaughter: Involuntary
*Assault / Battery
*Manslaughter: Voluntary
*Medical Marijuana
*MIP: A Minor in Possession
*Money Laundering
*Child Abandonment
*Murder: First-degree
*Child Abuse
*Murder: Second-degree
*Child Pornography
*Open Container (of alcohol)
*Computer Crime
*Probation Violation
*Credit / Debit Card Fraud
*Criminal Contempt of Court
*Public Intoxication
*Pyramid Schemes
*Disorderly Conduct
*Racketeering / RICO
*Disturbing the Peace
*Domestic Violence
*Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation
*Securities Fraud
*Drug Possession
*Sexual Assault
*Drug Trafficking / Distribution
*Statutory Rape
*Tax Evasion / Fraud
*Telemarketing Fraud
*Hate Crimes
*White Collar Crimes
*Identity Theft
*Wire Fraud
*Indecent  Exposure

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Fraud and Disloyalty is another common problem in this world. If you’re feeling that your Insurance Company is Cheating on you or there is some doubt, you can hire a Private Investigator to find out the truth.  

Criminal Investigations & Information Gathering

Criminal Investigations & Information Gathering

For Interest...

Private investigators are glamorized in the Movies on the Big Screen with futuristic tech gadgets and high-speed pursuits. Yes, their job is still pretty fascinating in the real world and there’s never a dull moment (except when you’re in a parked car for ten straight hours doing surveillance) As South African Investigators, we’d like to share our most popular private investigator cases as listed right here.

Yes, Solving Crimes and Handling a variety of Cases from finding Missing People to performing Background Checks. These Professionals are Dedicated and Passionate about finding answers. Private Investigators handle their cases in a way that offers Quality, Reliability, and Great Outcomes. 

Computer Forensics or Cybercrime

Cyber Crimes are in the limelight these days. Several wrongdoings are happening around on the internet and therefore Computer Forensics are present where Professional Investigators solve these digital cases by utilizing the data and using different Techniques or Gadgets. 

Common Cybercrimes are Spyware, Secret Phrase Phishing, or Hacking. 

Crime Scene Investigation

Hiring a Professional Private Investigator is a wise decision to Solve the Crime Scene and carry out its Investigations. The Professionals inspect the location of the Crime to find clues and information that may help to reach the culprit. Plus, a more grounded case develops by gathering such clues. The specialists use this info and understand the Crime scene Skillfully.

Criminal Investigations

Private Investigators using the tactics find out the Criminals in such a Professional way. Because they are Experienced, they know how to get to the bottom of the story. They have earned such prestige in finding Criminals by working with Firms, Government Offices, Insurance Agencies, and Community people. 

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