ISS-Investigations Accredited by: PSiRA 2922182

ISS-Investigations Accredited by: PSiRA 2922182


Our Services:


Private Investigation Services
Private Investigation Services
Private / Forensic Investigations
Criminal, Civil, Corporate, Domestic & Industrial Cases
Cheating Spouse, Child Custody & Child Maintenance
Social Media & Romance Scamming
Bribery, Extortion & Blackmail Investigations
Missing & Abducted Persons Investigations
Internet Fraud, Theft and Misrepresentation
Murder, Rape, Theft, Assault, Espionage & Fraud Cases 


Search and Verification Services
Search and Verification Services
24Hr Surveillance and Specialised Security
Full Background Checks, Criminal & Credit Checks
Financial and Asset Checks
Vehicle Ownership & Circulation Information
Recovery of Funds and Assets in Criminal Cases.
Undercover Operations & Surveillance
Cellular Forensics, Rica Information
Location Based Services (ping) and Bugging
Cellphone Call Logs and Data Recovery
Cellular / What's app Retrieval (Deleted or Not)
Truck Driver Background Services
Medical History Verification
Assistance in Court / CCMA Hearing
Matric Certificate Verification
Further Study Qualification Verifications
Title Deed and Bonds
Drivers License & PDP Verification
ID and ID Photo Verification
Vehicle Ownership Check & HPI Checks
Retrieval of Court Documents
Retrieval of Deed Office Documents
Retrieval of Death Certificates
Trust Searches & Property Valuations
Marital Status Verifications 


Legal Advice and Assistance
Legal Advice and Assistance
Protection and Harassment Orders Assistance
Child Maintenance Application
Bail Applications and Bail Bond
Protection of Children Rights
Application for Eviction Orders
Application for Criminal Expungement
Application for Liquor Licenses
Drawing up of Contracts and Wills
Lease Agreement *Purchase Agreement
Debt Agreement and Tracing of Bad Debtors 

Lie Detecting 

Pre-employment testing
Digital Forensic Voice Stress analysis / Polygraph testing, could be used as a prerequisite for employment in order to establish if candidates are honest and if they have been involved in any crime in their past / previous jobs.

Routine / Periodic testing
Digital Forensic Voice Stress analysis / Polygraph testing, could be used as an pro active measure, during employment in order to deter staff from eg. stealing from you or your company or to establish if theft for eg., has already taken place.

Specific incident testing
Digital Forensic Voice Stress analysis / Polygraph testing, could be used as a re-active, investigative measure when a specific incident has taken place in order to establish if any of your staff members were involved.

AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System)
Criminal background screening
Qualification verification
Credit checks etc.

Forensic Handwriting and Document Examination


Our Investigators ask one of two types of Handwriting Samples Produced by a Suspect. A Handwriting Analyst then carefully compares samples written by the suspect with the writing on the Fraudulent Checks.

Is the authenticity of a handwriting / signature / document under question or in dispute? 

Is it genuine, forged, an original, cut and paste, traced, simulated, altered?

Do you have reason to dispute or question signatures or handwriting?

Do you suspect that a document has been altered?

Based in Meyerton, South Africa, work is taken on Nationally and Internationally.
Our Services Include Identifying the Authenticity of Disputed Handwriting and/or Signatures based on a Study Involving the Comparison and Identification of the samples which is supported by the level of Significance of the Similarities and Dissimilarities. We follow the processes of a Forensic Signature, Handwriting and Document Examiner and Investigator.
• Our reports gives our opinion based on Scientific Principles and Clearly Describe and Outline in Detail our Findings. 

As our Handwriting Expert and Forensic Handwriting and Document Examiner, we provide an opinion as to whether Signatures or Handwriting or Documents are Authentic or not.

This includes but is not limited to:

• Identification and Individualisation of Handwriting and Signatures; 
• Awareness of the various factors that can interfere with Handwriting (e.g., position of the writer, physical condition, influence of alcohol, medication, illness, writing surface and writing instruments
• Knowledge and Ability to Distinguish Forgery Methods in Handwriting
• Knowledge and Ability to Collect known/reference Handwriting Exemplars suitable for Comparison
• Knowledge and Ability to Observe Handwriting detail (pattern recognition)
• Knowledge and Ability to Analyse, Compare and Evaluate Handwriting Characteristics of letters/words, ability to compare individual characteristics in questioned writing with known handwriting

Our Examiner also Examine the Physical Properties of Documents e.g. paper, ink, additions and erasures to investigate fraud or document tampering. Our Examiner do not offer a Chemical Analysis of Paper and Inks. This includes but is not limited to:

• Identification and individualisation of typescript and typed and printed matter and stamped impressions
• Identification of forgeries; erasures and addition
• Deciphering of obscured writing and indentations
• Any other examination concerning questioned documents and handwriting excluding ink and paper analysis

Forensic Handwriting / Signature and Document Analysis, Handwriting Analysis

Forensic Handwriting / Document and Signature Analysis and Examination is the Application of Scientific Methods and Techniques to Investigate whether Handwriting or Signatures or Documents are genuine, or fraudulent. Examinations are completed to determine whether Disputed Documents or Writings have been Altered, Traced, Simulated or Cut and Paste. Has Information been Inserted or Erased?

A Handwriting Analyst uses Handwriting features for Personality Profiling. Handwriting Analysis is the Psychology of Handwriting.

• Forensic Handwriting / Document and Signature Analysis, Examination, Authentication and Verification.

Disputed Writings, Including Signatures, Initials or Documents are Analysed and Verified for Authenticity and Genuineness. Contact me for any matter where a Document or Writings Require Verification.

• Labour
• Corporate including contracts 
• Medical-legal
• Insurance
• Personal matters including 
• Anonymous and threatening notes
• Contested wills​
• Handwriting Analysis

Also known as graphology, reveals the personality characteristics of a writer at the time of writing including a person's talents, competencies and strengths.

Handwriting Analysis is a valuable tool for:

• Employment screening, executive personality profiling, conflict resolution
• Personality profiling
• Compatibility studies for business and personal use
• Wellness days
• Career guidance
• Marketing including logo analysis for marketing strategies, branding and identity


• Forensic Handwriting / Signature / Document Examiner 
• Forensic Signature Authentication / Identification
• Statement Analysis
• Handwriting Analysis

Did you know South Africa has the third-highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide? Losing approximately R2.2 billion a year to cyber-attacks!
Did you know South Africa has the third-highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide? Losing approximately R2.2 billion a year to cyber-attacks!

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