ISS-Investigations Accredited by: PSiRA 2922182

ISS-Investigations Accredited by: PSiRA 2922182


Cheating Spouse Investigation

We can assist 072 613 9925
We can assist 072 613 9925

Call the Best Cheating Spouse Detective in South Africa if you need Evidence that’ll stand up in Court.

If you’ve reached the point of wanting to find a Private Investigator because you suspect infidelity on the part of your spouse, you already know you’re entering uncharted and overwhelming territory. What may help is to keep in mind, that though you may know of no one who has taken this route, many have. If it weren’t so, there would be no need for a cheating Spouse Detective!

The best you can do for yourself is to find an Investigator who will offer you the support and understanding you’re going to need during a painful experience like this!

Another point to think about, is that you may want a Private Investigator who is able to network with other professionals around the globe if your suspected cheating spouse is traveling extensively.

This is the type of experience you’ll have at your disposal if you chose to hire the Seasoned Professionals at ISS-INVESTIGATIONS

This team works with international clients who may need someone on the ground in South Africa. This is due to the fact that only someone who understands the local culture and if familiar with the local scene will be effective in carrying out surveillance without being detected.

How does a Private Investigator go about Gathering Evidence of whether or not a spouse is cheating?



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Whatever you do, don’t try to carry out Undercover Surveillance on your own! 

Licenced Drone Pilot
Licenced Drone Pilot

Under Cover Surveillance

All that will do is add further pain and possibly more complications than it’s worth!  It takes extensive training and experience to use techniques that’ll leave a Subject completely unaware that they’re under Surveillance.  Undercover Surveillance includes recording videos and taking photos of all the Subjects activities during the Investigation. What can’t be seen on a photo or in a video will be given to you in a written report at the conclusion of the investigation.

Cellular Forensics 

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Cellphones and Sim cards 

Cellular Forensics Specialist
Cellular Forensics Specialist
Rodney van Rensburg