Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency

Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency


Top Security Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Elite Security Solutions by Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd

Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd offers the Perfect Solution. We offer a wide range of Guarding Security Services at Shopping Complexes and Malls, Schools and Colleges, Building and Construction sites, Townhouse Complexes and Private Estates, Retirement Villages, Vehicle Dealerships, Hotels and Churches, Fuel Depots, Transport and Plant Hire Companies, Factories, Event Security.
When you need the best out of your security set up, have a chat with the team at Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd. Drop us a line or call us today to get started. We will be more than happy to discuss your needs!

Comprehensive, Personalized, and Trusted
With Comprehensive, Personalized, and Trusted Security Services right across The Vaal Triangle, Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd is the Team you need to Ensure the Safety of your Business, Employees, and Customers. From Standard Security Measures such as CCTV Surveillance to Professional Corporate Guarding, Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd has you covered.

Business Security
Your Business isn’t just a weekend project, it’s your passion. You’ve invested the hours and the sweat to make it Successful, and the last thing you need is for all of your efforts to be erased by theft or vandalism. Your Business, your Passion, and your investment need to be protected. Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd offers Proven, Effective, and Affordable Business Security Systems that will allow you to focus on what matters most while we protect everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

We are Trusted and the Security we provide allow entrepreneurs to have a sense of Comfort and Peace of Mind that other Security Companies can’t offer or match.

We offer:
*Access control
*CCTV monitoring
*Compliance Reporting
*Dispute Resolution
*General Protection
*Professional Protection
*Product Protection
*Property Protection
*Vehicle Protection
*Business interruption
*Criminal allegations

RECOGNISE and IMPLEMENT the timely delivery of a quality service which conforms to the customer’s specification and is right first time.

SUPPORT the Systems and Procedures that Control our Operating Processes, which Ensure Objectives are met.

ENSURE our Employees are Armed with the Knowledge, Training and Equipment to achieve our Policy.

MAINTAIN a program of Continuous Improvement through all levels of the Company.

SET Objectives to Maintain Continuous Improvement.

SEEK the Advice and Support of our Customers to Maintain and Improve quality.

Only by achieving a ‘RIGHT FIRST TIME’ Reputation with all our Customers, can we Fulfill the Basic Requirements for the job Security, Future Development and Enhance our Business Performance. Our Company is Built on our Reputation, and in order for our Business to develop, we recognise that our Commitment and Service to our clients must be our top Priority.

It is this belief that the Directors and Management of Imbewu Specialised Security is a committed Service Provider. 

Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd is a Company Registered in terms of South African laws. Its Services are mainly focused on Facilitating Crime Control and Law Enforcement as well as Public Safety to both the Corporate World and Private Residential Properties.

Keeping You Safe: Expert Security Service Tactics

• A thorough Security Evaluation of site to be Secured
• The Strict Vetting and Selection of Security Guards is Paramount
• Ongoing Training and Instruction to increase levels of Expertise
• Regular site visitations by a Probe Guard Commander
• Fast and Effective problem Solving

Comprehensive Security Guard Services for Various Sectors

Service Includes:

• Shopping Complexes and Malls
• Schools and Colleges
• Building and Construction sites
• Townhouse Complexes and Private Estates
• Retirement Villages
• Vehicle Dealerships
• Hotels and Churches
• Fuel Depots
• Transport and Plant Hire Companies
• Factories
• Event Security

• Static Guarding
• Patrolling Guards
• Undercover Guarding
• Access Control
• Dispatching and Receiving
• Retail and Commercial Guarding
• Armed Guards
• Special Event Guarding

• Highly Trained CPO Services
• Private and Commercial Property Services
• Domestic and International Services
• Professional and Discrete
• Executive Hostage Negotiations
• VIP Extractions

• Site Specific Surveys
• Risk Assessment
• National Key Points
• Site Opperations Procedures
• Security Property Protocols
• Threat Prevention
• Early Warning Systems Implementation

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