ISS-Investigations Accredited by: PSiRA 2922182

ISS-Investigations Accredited by: PSiRA 2922182


24Hr Security Guards at Vehicle Dealership 

Vehicle Dealership Security
Vehicle Dealership Security

24Hr Security

Why Every Auto Dealer Should Consider Security Guards

No one wants to think of their car getting stolen, but it’s a crime that happens often.

As an auto dealer, you’re running a candy store for car thieves. While some avoid dealerships due to surveillance, others find it worth the risk.

If you don’t have security guards, any stolen cars could be gone forever or damaged beyond repair in a matter of a few minutes.

Car Theft Statistics

While overall motor vehicle thefts are down, they’re still high enough that you should take notice. In fact, two Gauteng cities made the list of cities most likely to have your car stolen. Boksburg and Pretoria were listed along with several cities in Western Cape and KZN.

Stealing From Dealerships

The biggest question you might have is why would thieves want to target dealerships. After all, there is usually video surveillance and bright lights. The lots are usually visible from the road and any could see what’s happening.

However, how many people usually drive by late at night? What if there is a power outage? What if one or more lights go out?

Some of the things that make auto dealers a target include:

• Lack of visible security
• Poorly lit areas of the lot
• Garages that may not be monitored
• High-performance and exotic cars
• Located in a high crime area
• Cars stored around the back of the dealership

Preventing Thefts

Of course, you don’t just have to wait for something to happen. While you should always have video surveillance, you also need someone to monitor the feed. In addition, you need security guards too. It’s easy enough to hide your face when stealing a car. But, if a guard is walking by, it’s much more difficult to avoid being seen.

Even small used car lots benefit from having at least one security guard after business hours. It’s a small investment to keep cars safer.

Larger lots should consider having multiple security guards to cover more ground. This is also where surveillance monitoring helps to cover even more area at once.

In addition to guards, ensure there isn’t a single area of your dealership lot that isn’t fully lit. Yes, you’ll pay more for power, but you’ll pay much more in insurance premiums if cars keep getting stolen.

Contacting Imbewu Specialised Security (PTY) Ltd

We know it’s difficult creating security strategies for your auto dealership. Contact us at 072 613 9925 with any questions and concerns. We’re always happy to help you create custom strategies to keep your dealership safer.

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