Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency

Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency


Information Gathering 

What is required to fulfill a background check?

Professional background screening is a growing industry. If you’re thinking about carrying out screening checks on an individual or business, certain key “data fields” enhance your capability to validate the information you have.

Data Field 1: ID Number

If you searched for person by their name, or company, you can cross reference this against the ID number supplied. If you search for their ID number, with no result, you can cross reference using a Name (first name & surname), home address, employment, directorship, property ownership or lease information.

Data Field 2: Employment History

Conducting a verification of employment, especially dates, is a critical component for HR departments during the hiring process. Many human resource departments will only give out dates of employment and maybe salary. Verifying dates of employment is critical as falsified information on a resume or job application can cast a shadow over a person’s integrity and honesty.

Data Field 3: Property Ownership

Banks need to make sure people are likely to repay a home loan according to the terms of your agreement. In making this assessment, they consider a variety of factors related to your past and present financial situation such as credit score, income, current loans and down payment percentage. Traceps harnesses the thorough background check done by financial institutions, which could give you insight into a persons financial profile.

Data Field 4: Business Ownership

Background checks on Business Ownership are often conducted to help protect a business, workers or clients. Business ownership checks through Traceps confirm current (and past) business owners, phone numbers, addresses and property ownership. The relationship between businesses and the directors can be assessed and cross references with other businesses owned.

Data Field 5: Where they Lived

A good background check should include a person’s history of where they lived. Traceps will give date-stamped data of a person’s listed residency through their life. Residence history is often needed by potential landlords to track the movement of people, specially if they have moved frequently. Residency checks can also affect a person’s credit rating.

Data Field 6: Contact Details

Background checks to confirm, or find, contact details are important for human resource, financial applications, investors, private Investigators, forensic Investigators, forensic auditing and so many more industries. Traceps can help confirm details, without having to make a call. In the case of employment, you can also find the contact details of a previous employer that an applicant did not want you to contact. Contact details of people connected or linked through telephone numbers, addresses or employment help creating a list of references if needed for the background check.

More Data Fields

Assets, Fire Arm Ownership and Competency Verification, Criminal Record as well as Cases Opened by Subject.

We do Provide you with a full Criminal Check.(We also do Bulk Checks)

• Full Personal Details
• Charge
• Police Station
• Case Number
• Investigation Officer
• Investigating Officer Rank and Unit
• Premises Involved
• Complainant Details
• Case Information
• Court Decision
• Arrest Details
• Detension Details
• Full Hearing Details
• Sentence Details
• Suspensions


Qualification Verification
• Qualification Checks
• Membership Verification
• Fit and Proper Compliance (FAIS)
• National Qualifications Register(NQR®)
• Academic Transcripts
• Institution Accreditation

Criminal Records
• Criminal Record Check
• AFISwitch Fingerprint Capturing Training
• SAPS 91A Fingerprints
• MIE Fingerprint Zone

Drivers licence, vehicle registration and ownership checks
• Drivers Licence Check
• Vehicle Ownership
• Vehicle Registration

Credit Check
• Consumer Records
• Company Credit Checks
• Sequestration and Consumer Trace

Identity Verification
• ID Verification
• Citizen & Passport Verification
• Visa Verifications
• Permanent Residence
• Screening History
• Marital Trace

Risk Management
• Fraud Prevention Services
• Industry Employment Checks
• Employment History
• Employee Risk Management

Global Verifications
• Qualification Verification
• Criminal Checks
• Credit Checks
• Identity Verification
• Driver’s Licences

Social Media Screening
• Basic Report
• Standard Report
• Full Report
• High Profile Report

Supplier Risk Solutions
• Supplier Vetting
• Directorship Information
• Deeds Search
• Sanctions / World Check
• ZoomOut™

Psychometric Assessments
• Overview
• Fit For Today Solution
• Fit For Tomorrow Solution
• News

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