Staff Vetting

Start by Checking your Driver

Full Background Check
Full Background Check

One of the Problems Transport Companies have is the Rotation of Drivers.

1. Can you trust your Drivers.
Did you do a full check on your Driver.
2. Yes, you may have.
Maybe with a Criminal Check.
BUT Unfortunately you did not receive a full Report. For Example:
The Cases which was made by the Driver.
A. Hijacked
B. Loss/Theft of Load
C. Breaking in to Truck/Vehicle
So, how do we know that this cases was opened for an eye Blind.
NOW!!! Obviously the Driver left and you may be his next Target.

1. Photo and Personal Details
2. Education
3. Employment History
4. Drivers license and PDP
5. Criminal Checks Cases (Made & Against)
Arrest, Detentions and Hearing Details
6. Credit Checks
7. Vehicles Owned
8. Assets such as Properties
9. Businesses (Membership)
10. Firearm Competency, Application and Owned


Rodney van Rensburg