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Protecting Your Kids Online: Expert Parental Guidance

See More When Following the Link About our Whatsapp Tracking

See More When Following the Link About our Whatsapp Tracking

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Parental Monitoring: Balancing Privacy and Safety

As a parent one should monitor all the online activities of his/her child's phone. The online activities will include the web browser history to know what websites child is visiting, the social media apps to track his social media activities, the call logs to learn whom is he calling and who is calling him etc.

Parents often wonder how much privacy their children need and ask me if it’s okay to violate it. Personally, I believe there should be a direct link between the amount of responsibility, consistency, and honesty that kids show and the amount of privacy they’re allowed to have.

But, before we get to the subject of spying on your child, I want to talk a little about our kids and their need for privacy as they grow.

What does SpyBug look for?

Our algorithm uses machine learning to identify potentially dangerous situations that kids face online, including:

• Cyberbullying
• Depression
• Suicidal ideation
• Adult content
• Online predators
• Threats of violence

SpyBug monitoring service scans text messages, emails, YouTube, and much more different social networks while looking for issues. Our software analyzes not just text, but also photographs and pictures of text.

The benefits of monitoring

SpyBug not only helps keep kids physically safe — it can also help keep them emotionally healthy.

As kids spend more and more time deep in their devices, they may not be communicating to parents how they’re actually feeling or what struggles they’re facing.

Because of this, issues like cyberbullying and depression may go unaddressed, negatively affecting school performance, attendance, and self-worth.

Our intelligent monitoring sends out alerts for thousands of such messages every day, enabling parents to gain insight into what’s actually happening in their children’s lives. We not only alert parents and schools to problematic issues, we also send best recommended next steps for how to address. Digital parenting is hard and we are the first generation of parents to have to do so.

The importance of staying safe across devices

While a phone may be the most common tech companion a child carries around, tablets, laptops, and computers are also avenues for potential danger. It’s important to monitor them, as well.

Social media apps likes Facebook and Instagram can be accessed in multiple ways, and on Macs, iMessage enables texting without a phone. Email accounts are used at home and at school, and for accounts through Google or Microsoft, files may be saved and edited anywhere.

SpyBug covers all of these situations, giving parents peace of mind that no matter where kids are or what device they’re using, they’ll be monitored for potentially life-threatening situations. Visit us to learn more about our award-winning monitoring service.

Rodney van Rensburg