Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency

Nationwide Licensed Private Investigation Agency


Expert Pet Recovery Services in South Africa

Nationwide Missing Pet Investigations

Nationwide Missing Pet Investigations

Exclusive Pet Recovery Services

If your rare, exotic, purebred, or prized pet has been stolen or has gotten lost, then an investigation into its theft may be necessary.

The bond people form with their pets is often quite strong, and the emotional trauma of losing one’s prized pet can far outweigh any monetary loss.
But when an expensive and rare pet is stolen or lost, the need to investigate its disappearance quickly and efficiently is even greater.
Nearly two million pets are stolen each year, sometimes by thieves using a variety of tactics such as false pretense using a “free to a good home” ad, abducting them from your yard, or taken from animal shelters.
Pets are taken for a variety of reasons, such as for sale into fighting rings, puppy mills, to be used as cheap meat, or for illegal chemical testing.
The last thing you want is to find out your animal is lost forever to an unlicensed medical testing facility to be used as an experiment, abused until it is no longer of any use to the “scientists.” If you believe your pet has been stolen or even if it is just lost, contact ISS-Investigations immediately and let our highly skilled, experienced pet investigators get to work for you before it’s too late.

Comprehensive Pet Search Strategies

Please Report your Missing Pet ASAP

Please Report your Missing Pet ASAP

ISS-Investigations Include the following:
• Animal behavioral profiling to determine likely destinations for Animals that run on their own, in case there was no actual theft
• Gathering and Analyzing Evidence from the scene where the Animals was last known to be
• If necessary, DNA testing for any blood or fur found at the scene
• Tactics for rescuing and recovering the pets safely and reuniting you with them as quickly and efficiently as possible
• Investigation into the local and regional underground exotic and purebred animal black market, local known illegal medical and chemical testing facilities, and animal fighting rings
• Use of high tech surveillance and detection equipment
• Related ISS-Investigations Services
• Computer Forensic Services
• Undercover Investigations
• Physical Evidence and Forensics Services
• Criminal Investigation Services
• Investigations to Find People
• Comprehensive Information Resources
• Reputation Defense
• Personal Investigations

Unmatched Investigative Services

• See our ABOUT
• Far greater operational reach than any other Investigative service in the world
• Built through Experience and Expertise with a mix of Law Enforcement and Military Backgrounds
• All services are performed and billed on an hourly basis.
• Investigators are available 24/7.

Advanced Investigative Resources

• Global resources network for domestic and international work
• Constantly Evolving Technical Capabilities to adapt to advances in Electronics and Technology
• Use of cutting edge technology and equipment

Let's Get Started

• Free Consultation for Needs Analysis
• Design an Action Plan
• Engagement and Fees
• Execute Action Plan
• Present Thorough Documentation of All Results/Findings

Seeking Help for Your Lost Pet

Losing your pet can be traumatic far beyond and financial loss it may cause.
The bond between pet and owner is incredibly strong, and knowing that your pet has been lost, or even stolen and sold off into some abusive animal fighting ring or to be used in experimental testing may be an unbearable burden.
If you believe that your pet has been stolen, then you cannot waste any time.
Contact ISS-Investigations and let our experienced pet investigators get to work right away.
Our investigators are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to stolen and lost pets, and we will get to work immediately so that we can conduct a thorough, efficient investigation into your stolen pet.

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